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"I've been using GainsKeeper for a few years and have been happy with it - everything is imported into TurboTax with the click of a button!" Brian F.

"I'm happy to be back with GainsKeeper where I don't have monthly revisions to download and install. I don't want to spend time with patches! Now I can focus on trading. GainsKeeper takes care of the upgrades and brokers changing file formats!" Robert M.

"I use GainsKeeper. [It is a] very clean, user friendly experience with prompt, competent help on the two occasions that I needed it." Sfclimber

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Know, understand, and keep your capital gains, while making taxes work to your advantage. Beyond IRS Schedule D generation, and combined with wash sale and corporate action processing within a tax lot gains & losses accounting and reporting software package, you need pre-trade simulations and tax-smart strategy tools in order to maximize after-tax returns.

That’s why GainsKeeperPro is the recording and reporting tool preferred by more active traders & investors for generation of Schedule D and realized gain and loss reports with the advantage of current prices and real time importing and processing, plus:

Mark-to-Market Traders

With GainsKeeperPro, Traders who have declared the mark-to-market election with the IRS can calculate net gains and losses on mark-to-market basis.

Take Control of Market Conditions

GainsKeeperPro helps you take control of today’s market conditions to make taxes work for you.

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